easy chord memorization for the ipad

ChordSensei makes learning chords easy. With a simple learning methodology, you too will be able to learn chords and start your musical journey with a strong foundation in chord knowledge!

Great for

  • Kids: A personal note to parents: Thank you for your interest in this app. As a musician with over 10+ years of experience, one of the biggest regrets I have as a musician was how I started out. If my parents started me out on learning more about fundamental music theory instead of jumping onto a musical instrument, I think I would have enjoyed learning music at the early stages of my development. I urge you, the parents, to enable your kids to understand why and hows of music, rather than jumping onto playing music. Thank you.
  • Beginners: no knowledge of chords can learn with practice mode
  • Intermediate musicians: rebuilding a foundation in music theory
  • Skilled musicians: test your skills with challenge mode

Learn these chords (and many more coming soon)!

  • major chords
  • minor chords
  • diminished chords
  • augmented chords
  • major seventh chords
  • minor seventh chords
  • dominant seventh chords
  • diminished seventh chords
  • major triad inversions
  • minor triad inversions
  • diminished triad inversions
  • augmented triad inversions
  • major seventh inversions
  • minor seventh inversions
  • dominant seventh inversions
  • diminished seventh inversions


  • Practice different chord combinations
  • Practice mode with helper text
  • Choose from different practice intervals
  • A rigorous challenge mode

Supported devices: iPad Pro, iPad Pro 12.9”, iPad Pro 9.7”, iPad Air 2, iPad Air

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